Responsive Design
Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta were in need of a major redesign to make the sites responsive and modern. The redesign would give the brands more tools, the ability to change CSS, fonts and a new navigation system..

In my roll with the Navigation Path, I teamed with Customer Insites. We ran user testing using several prototypes and gathered data. Next we refined the designs, tested again and presented our findings to the brands.

Since 4 brands were involved, this meant communicating with their team. Each brand is very different so we had few challenges ahead of us.
Visual Design
Collaborated UI Flows
User Testing
Visual & Behavior Sign Off
Meeting with each brand individually. Myself and another UX designer presented the new navigation backed with our test results. They were informed they could change the colors and font's and it would take a micro-fraction of time it had in the past.
I provided the dev team with pixel-perfect visuals, red-lines, and pattern documentation. When the front end developer was ready for a visual QA, I used Chromes Inspector to view the code, made adjustments and sent them back to the developer.
As a result our customers are able to navigate much easier on all breakpoints and the brands have control of fonts and color at their fingertips.