InStock Mobile App
A huge frustration for any customer is when they have spent time to travel to a store, find exactly pants or top they wanted, but they unable to find it in their size. This has happened to everyone, right?

The item was actually in the store 40% of the time, but in the stockroom, not the sales floor. This means a customer leaves discouraged, and a possible sale was missed.
Visual Design
Collaborated UI Flows
User Testing
Visual & Behavior Sign Off
This created the opportunity to find a solution to help store associates better manage inventory on the sales floor, replenish items that have been sold, and help customers get the size they’re looking for.
The UX Architect, Product Manager, Engineers and myself worked on early solutions and went into stores with a prototype to gain associate feedback resulting in a MVP product. 
For prototyping I used InVision and for more complex prototypes that involve micro animations, I used Principle. 
How it works? Units are scanned into the app, along with size detail, color and stockroom location. When an item has sold out on the sales floor, instead of manually going through the racks, sales associates are alerted on their mobile device when an item needs to be replenished.
If a customer can’t find a size, an associate can scan a barcode of the same item, and the app responds with a list of every size and color of that item available. If the item is available, the app provides the stockroom location, saving time for the associate and ensuring the customer finds what they needed.
After deploying the solution in Gap stores in the US, the rate went from 40% of units in the stockroom down to 1%! Store teams have called the new technology “brilliant,” “remarkable” and even “life-changing” for their day-to-day and for the business.
What Store Managers said:

"This is the most beneficial initiative I have seen at Gap in my 12 years with the company"

"This app is always evolving to improve of the best systems we have in place (should have done this a long time ago)"

"InStock has been an overall amazing tool in holding our team accountable to replenishment. We formed the habit very quickly of doing replen hourly and it was incredible to have most staff know exactly what was in the backroom and be confident all of the sizes were on the sales floor. As well, having the Ipods handy to CHECK the stock in the backroom without having to take more foot steps was awesome"

"In stock is THE best tool we have been given in a very long time! Thank you!"

"99% [sales efficiency] the whole district...really took care of the noise of stock the system"
See InVision prototype